0001 Satay Kai  (Chicken Satay- Strips of grilled marinated chicken served with aCucumber & peanut sauce)     0006 Sarai Moun - (Fried Seaweed rolled Mince prawns, chicken mixed spices serve with sweet sauce)
0002 Thod Manpla  (Fried Fish cake - Ground fish fillet, mixed with spices and red curry paste, deep fried And serve with a cucumber and sweet sauce)     0007 Tao Hu Thod - (Fried Tofu - Deep-fried Tofu served with sweet sauce)
0003 Thod Man Kung (Fried Fish cake - Ground fish fillet, mixed with spices and red curry paste, deep fried And serve with a cucumber and sweet sauce)     0008 Poh-Piah-Thod - (Tamnak Thai spring roll - Our special recipe of minced shrimp, chicken and Vegetable stuffing served with a sweet and sour sauce)
0004 Hors D'oeurve Tamnak Thai - (Chef’s choice of Thai style tidbits)     0009 Kung Chuppang Thod  - (Deep fried prawns in flour served with sweet sauce)
0005 Khanom Pang Na Kung Roinga - (Fried canapés with prawns spread serve with sweet sauce)     0010 Peek Kai Sod Sai - (Chicken wings stuffed with a lightly spiced mixture of chicken and water chestnut served with sweet & sour sauce)


0011 HOI MA LAENG POO OB - (Mussels in shell steamed with Thai herb)     0013 HO MOK TA-LAY RUAM MID - (A fish stew of Mussels prawns and scallops, a spicy preparation)
0012 HOI MA LAENG POO PRIK POW -  (Stir-fried mussels with roasted chili paste Onion, spring onion, red & green peppers)        

0014 TOM YAM KUNG - Spicy & sour prawn soup (Thai’s famous spicy soup, prepared in a shrimp bouillon. Refined and powerful)     0017 TOM POH TAEK PLA - Spicy & sour fish soup (Thai style) Mushrooms, dry chili, lime juice, Thai herbs, grilled onion & dry chili
0015 TOM KAH KAI - (Chicken in coconut milk soup Chicken and coconut milk soup flavored with lemongrass and herbs)     0018 KAENG JEUT RUAM MID PAK KAI SUB -  Bangkok Soup (Mixed vegetable soup with Minced chicken, glass noodle and mixed vegetable)
0016 TOM YAM PAT TAYA - Mixed seafood soup - (A spicy seafood soup flavored with roasted fresh herbs)         

  S A L A D S
0019 Lab Kai - Savory minced chicken salad (Grounded chicken with roasted rice, Thai herbs,Limejuice dressing & grounded dry chili)     0023 SOM TAM - Vegetable salad Thai style North-Eastern dish (A salad of shredded green papaya, carrot, Shrimp with lemon dressing)
0020 NEUR YANG NAM TOK -Beef salad Thai style (A refreshing chilled salad of grilled sliced sirloin flavored with herbs and tossed in a lime and chili dressing)     0024 YAM KAI THOD SA-MUN-PRAI - (Fried chicken, Sliced onion, sliced ginger, cashew nuts, Thai herbs with sweet sauce)
0021 YAM TAK-XIN - Mixed seafood salad Thai style (Mixed seafood, sliced onion, celery, chili & limejuice)     0025 YAM PLA MEURK - (Spicy & sour squid with hot sauce, sliced onion, Chili & limejuice)
0022 YAM WUN SEN - Tsunami Salad (A salad of clear bean noodles, chicken and prawns in lemon dressing)        

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